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【Banquet Course】 2500 yen course

By using a coupon2500 Yen

  • 2persons-
All-you-can-drink available

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Those who would like to have banquets, Oriental cuisine is recommended for people who want to order something they like, for those of the second party!

Course menu

Only 2H + pot + noodles


Second party assembly snack food + only 2H

All-you-can-drink menu

·Super Dry
· Chu-hi
· Lemon, lime, yuzu, peach, grapefruit, giant pine, green bean, green apple, lychee, shikuwasa, pine, calpis, acerola, ramune, tea, red melon
· Shochu
· Nikko, spinning
· Crouching (cold · 燗)
· Glass (red · white)
· Soda, cola, yuzu, ginger, shikuwasa, grapefruit etc ...
· Sake
· Rock, Water Discount, Yubari, Soda
(Orange, cola, soda, ginger, oolong, calpis, milk) of (cassis, peach tree, paraiso, yogurito, beer, gin, vodka, red wine, white wine,
·Soft drink
· Orange, Coke, Oolong, Calpis, Ginger Ale, Ramune, Coffee, Tea, Yuzu Tea

2018/10/03 update